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STRUT CARES recently joined hands with the Limb Kind Foundation, a non-profit organization that works towards creating a better future for children with limb loss. The Limb Kind Foundation has been tirelessly working to improve the lives of children with limb loss domestically and internationally. They aim to strengthen the amputee community and provide prosthetic care to those in need.

Together, STRUT CARES and the Limb Kind Foundation have made a significant difference in the lives of children in Africa who have lost their limbs. With their combined efforts, they have been helping these kids get access to prosthetic care, which has been life-changing for them. The organizations have been making a difference, one child at a time.

The partnership between STRUT CARES and the Limb Kind Foundation is an excellent example of how two organizations can come together and work towards a common goal, making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. The impact of their partnership is not only restricted to the children in Africa but is also felt by those in their communities.

STRUT CARES is proud to be associated with the Limb Kind Foundation and is committed to continuing its support for its cause in the future. The organizations believe every child deserves to live a life without limitations and are doing everything possible to make that happen.

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