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The recent wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, caused widespread devastation and left many animals needing help. In response to this crisis, STRUT CARE partnered with the Maui Humane Society (MHS) to ensure these animals received the care and attention they needed in their new homes.

Through this partnership, STRUT CARE aided in the process of moving animals to safe locations where they could receive the necessary care and attention.

To create space for the immense influx of animals in need, MHS transferred roughly 130 Maui animals in its care before the fires to Oregon and California shelters. This was a difficult decision, but ensuring the animals would be safe and well-cared for was necessary.

STRUT CARE was proud to be a part of this effort to help animals affected by the wildfires in Maui. We believed every animal deserved a safe and loving home, and it was committed to doing its part to make this a reality for as many animals as possible. By working with organizations like the MHS, STRUT CARE hoped to positively impact the lives of animals and help create a better future for all.


Since the fires struck, 97 of the rescued pets found new Ohanas, 128 cats were transported to Lanai Cat Sanctuary, and two cats were adopted through Operation Fire Cat.

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