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STRUT CARES recently had the privilege of visiting the St. Joseph’s Orphanage. Witnessing the living conditions of the children there left us in awe of the resilience and determination of the staff and Sister Rachel, who have worked tirelessly to provide the orphans with a safe and healthy environment.

The orphanage was located in a remote area and was in a state of disrepair, with no proper ventilation or sanitation facilities. Despite the challenging circumstances, the orphans welcomed us with open arms, eager to show us their drawings and toys. Their resilience and optimism humbled us despite their difficult living conditions.

Sister Rachel, who has been working at the orphanage for over a decade, gave us a tour of the facility and shared with us her experiences. She is a kind and gentle woman who has dedicated her life to serving the poor and marginalized. She told us about the orphanage’s struggles in providing the children with basic necessities due to a lack of funds.

At STRUT CARES, we were moved by Sister Rachel’s dedication and the courage of the children. We pledged to help the orphanage financially so that they can provide appropriate housing and food for the orphans. We believe every child deserves a safe and healthy environment to grow up in, and we are committed to supporting the orphanage in achieving this goal.

Our visit to the St. Joseph’s Orphanage was a humbling experience that left us with a sense of responsibility to help those in need. We hope that our efforts will inspire others to come forward and support such noble causes. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

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