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Africa is experiencing a detrimental drought going into its fifth consecutive season. The ongoing drought has created food insecurity. The situation has worsened, with nutrition becoming an issue, and children are not attending school due to the lack of food at home.


To fight this, STRUT CARES, Elephant Cooperation, and Wildlife Works have formed a partnership to build a campaign with a mission to feed school children in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya.

 We have internally raised funds to feed the school children for half the school year, but we need more. We aim to raise an additional $200,000 to match what has already been donated.


With $400,000 raised, 65 schools – roughly 22,988 students – in 6 locations will be fed for a whole school year.


  • $20 Feeds a Child for the Year

  • $200 Feeds 10 Children for the Year

  • $1000 Feeds 50 Children for the Year


To Feed Hungry Children, visit The Taita Project Donation Page: